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BUNKERฎ PowerDrive BPD-1 PLUS Audio Processor
Complete Loudspeaker Management System


BPD-1 PLUS Front

• Dual 31-band Graphic EQ (Stereo or Linked)
• Sub-harmonic Synthesizer
• State-of-Art Stereo Compressor
• Crossover Configurations (L-R and Butterworth) 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 2x6, 2x7, 2x8
• Stereo Multi-band Parametric EQ (5 bands per way)
• Stereo Output Peak Limiters
• Speakers Alignment Delay (4-Way:12mSec; 3-Way:16mSec; 2-Way:25mSec; 1-Way:50mSec)
• Pink Noise Generator
• Auto-EQ with 31-band RTA
• Output Deactivation “Mute”
• Output Polarity Inversion
• Output Gain Control
• Software Lock
• USB-RS485 Interface (cable sold separately)
• 10 User Programs/7 Factory Programs
• 2 Channel XLR Input + RTA Input and 8 Channel XLR Output
• Full Graphic LCD Display
• Universal Power Supply (85-240VAC)
• 24-Bit ADC/24-Bit DAC Burr Brown
• 32 bits Floating Point DSP Texas Instruments TMS320C6722
• User Interface in English and Spanish

BPD-1 PLUS Software

User Manual (English)
User Manual (Spanish)
BPD-1 PLUS Comparison

The BUNKER PowerDrive BPD-1 PLUS Loudspeaker Management System 4-WAY stereo audio processor, rivals, and surpasses the competition in features, capabilities and reliability. Considering a DBX DriveRack PA+ (PA PLUS), PA2, or Behringer DCX-2496?, you need the best audio processing and the power and flexibility of more outputs? The BPD-1 Plus Audio Processor features the latest technology in audio processing, excellent sound quality, highly reliable 85-240 VAC Power Supply, and built with the best components from top American and International manufacturers. Computer Controllable. BPD-1 PLUS Comparison.

Bunker Electronics has proudly updated the processor Bunker PowerDrive model BPD-1 PLUS. The BPD-1 PLUS is loaded with features, and thanks to the friendly interface, easy-to-use wizard, and RTA-AutoEQ, you will be able to get your speaker system optimized and at top performance within minutes.

The Bunker PowerDrive BPD-1 PLUS features 3 analog inputs (channels left, right, and mic-RTA) and 8 analog outputs. This configuration allows you to divide the input signals into several ways (up to 4 ways stereo), resulting in an optimal range of frequency for your loudspeaker system.

• Qty 3 Connectors Female XLR (2 Signal Inputs and 1 microphone RTA)
• Impedance > 10 k Ohms
• Maximum Level +20 dBu
• Mic Phantom Voltage
• Qty 8 Connectors Male XLR
• Impedance 150 Ohms
• Maximum Level +20 dBu (7.75 Vrms)
Power Supply:
• Operating Voltage 85-240 VAC 50/60Hz, 30 Watts
• ADC Burr Brown, SNR > 118 dB (Typical)
• DAC Burr Brown, SNR > 118 dB (Typical)
• DSP 32 Bits Floating Point TI TMS320C6722
• Sampling Rate 96kHz
• THD+N 0.001%, 1kHz, 0 dB
• Weight 5.5 lbs (shipping weight 7.5 lbs)
• Dimensions 1.75” Height x 7.75” Length x 19” Width

The Bunker PowerDrive BPD-1 PLUS you will receive is brand new and comes with full Manufacturer Warranty. The BPD-1 PLUS warranty covers manufacturer defects for a total of 3 years. Warranty claims and technical support can be requested directly from Bunker Electronics or from us. For further information regarding the BPD-1 PLUS and/or the warranty please refer to the User Manual.

BPD-1 PLUS Angle

• USB-RS485 Interface (cable sold separately)

The User may choose to setup a “Daisy Chain” RS-485 network of BPD-1 PLUS by linking one with the next one, and control them ALL from a single computer using the USB-RS485 interface. Up to 10 BPD-1 PLUS can be controlled.

Building your own cable:
1. USB-RS485-WE-1800-BT (Digikey PN 768-1041-ND)
2. Switchcraft AAA3MPZ 3-pin XLR male (Digikey PN SC1533-ND)
Connectivity: Black (GND) to XLR Pin 1, Yellow (DATA-) to XLR Pin 2, Orange (DATA+) to XLR Pin 3.

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